Living with a Mac Classic II – Day Seven

Dateline – August 20, 2011

The more I use this machine, the more I realize how little I need in my every day computing. It also emphasizes what things are necessary for maximum utility in modern life. When the original Asus eeePC came out, reactions were mixed, but once you took the cramped keyboard out of the picture (as Asus did with subsequent, models of the eeePC) it was clear that a new computing market was born. Thanks to Intel’s Atom processor, what I like to call the Age of “Good Enough” computing was born. People did not need dual core processors, with monster GPUs to do most of what they wanted to do: they needed only modest hardware that could support the most important of modern software (a browser, Flash, music, word processing, etc.). They found that at a specific price, they were happy with a computer that was “good enough.” Continue reading Living with a Mac Classic II – Day Seven

Product Idea: Bluetooth Headset with Solar Charger

Many of us use Bluetooth headsets, and it seems that the majority of us who do either use it in an always-on-the-phone fashion, or only in the car. Which makes sense to me. But what about a headset designed to never leave your car. Sure, it could be charged from your DC outlet, but chances are that’s only powered when the engine is spinning.

My solution is a clip-on charger. One side is a solar panel, and the other side is a nondescript box, much like a garage door opener. Inside you connect your headset, and flip down your sun visor to expose the solar panel to the sun. This charges the headset while you’re not using it. The box could also contain a small battery, so you can charge that cell during the day, and then have it charge your headset charge from the battery when sunlight isn’t available.

This way you have a somewhat secure place to stow your headset when you’re not using it, and top off its batteries. The built-in battery allows people who park their cars in garages or ramps to store power for when they won’t have sunlight.

The idea could also be used to power a speaker phone system too.

Living with a Mac Classic II – Day Three

“We’re dealing with medievalism here,” said McCoy. And just as a doctor from the twenty third century would find modern medical practices “medieval,” so do I find aspects of working on a computer from 1992. Continue reading Living with a Mac Classic II – Day Three