Technical director for Up All Night

This semester, I have been selected as the technical director for Up All Night. Technical changes include a move to widescreen (the only RTN show to do so), and shooting all out-of-studio segments in HD, with the intent of distributing them over the campus cable network as letterboxed SD shows, but podcasting them in their full resolution.
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The Perfect Girl

As a final project in Film Production, we were to produce a longer film using the techniques mastered in class. I was assigned the role of camera assistant, and again, we were given the Bolex 16mm camera to shoot, and everyone was to edit their own cut using a digital transfer. What is included is my edit of the film.
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Traitors to GeneCo

For TV Production II, we were to shoot a short documentary film, and my group covered an aspiring Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast, and attempted to detail the pitfalls they faced while highlighting their devotion, and explaining why they are so devoted.
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