Post Production Technician with HODDER.

In August of 2012 I became a full-time post-production technician with a company that was then known as Met|Hodder, and is known today as HODDER. The company’s specialty is branded entertainment, and is best known for it’s recap, retrospective, and fan appreciation specials on many iconic television shows, including Once Upon a Time, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, Under The Dome, and Black-ish. HODDER is also known for their non-broadcast work, including web videos for Defiance, Yale University’s Expect With Me campaign, Disney’s Heroes Work Here, and in-store advertising for Walmart.

While working at HODDER I was given a number of responsibilities, including fulfilling the roles of media manager, assistant editor, online editor, colorist, and video engineer. For various projects I handled mastering, ingestion, standards conversions, upresing, standards complains, and quality control. Below is a selected list of projects I worked on, and the work I did on it:

  • Black-ish: Bloop-ish – Managed the media, applied and customized LUTs, mastering and compliance with broadcast media specifications.
  • A Very Special Supernatural Special – Handled format conversion for fan-submitted media, resolved issues with ingestion uncooperative digital media due to proprietary format extensions, mastering and compliance with broadcast media specifications.
  • Heroes Work Here – Media ingestion, coloring, and mastering.
  • The ABC’s of Schoolhouse Rock – Handled format conversion, mastering, and standards compliance.

Bucket Flush

Bucket Flush is a documentary that follows a slice of the life of the Philadelphia punk band Bucket Flush. Rob Shit, Black Jon, Dean and John Wood give insight into how they live their lives, and why they choose to live the way they want to.
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Traitors to GeneCo

For TV Production II, we were to shoot a short documentary film, and my group covered an aspiring Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast, and attempted to detail the pitfalls they faced while highlighting their devotion, and explaining why they are so devoted.
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