At the intersection of my curiosity, my interest in television, and my rusty Russian language skills

A Russian-language advertisement for an IPTV service
For you, from ActavaTV (only $69.95!)

I found this in my mail. I’m not entirely sure why ActavaTV in New York has sent me this, but it certainly piqued my interest. As far as I can tell, ActavaTV is a Russian-language MSO, that provides, and this is where my rusty Russian skills come in, over two hundred channels from Russia, the Ukraine, Israel, and the rest of the CIS (basically, Russia’s southern-bordering neighbors). It purports to offer content in HD, and a variety of films. From the website, I’ve also managed to determine they offer karaoke and radio in addition to these services.

All these features! (I can barely understand)
All these features (I can barely understand)!

So the box they’re advertising is only $69.95, and I knew that there were some Russian satellite television providers around, but this made no mention of satellite or anything else of that nature. Some quick Googling of the set-top box pictured in the flier revealed it to be an IPTV box. I was intrigued when I thought they were a satellite MSO (I’ve always wanted to get into Free-To-Air satellite DXing, a good, cheap package just might be the right incentive), but now that they’re an IPTV MSO, I’m really quite interested. The website was rather scant on service costs, but eventually I dug up some information in their feedback page. Turns out their premium package is $29.99 and their basic package is a mere $9.99.

If I should come across some extra cash somewhere, I might actually invest in this, if only to examine it more closely. Of course, I probably ought to brush up on my Russian before then (good thing I kept my dictionary and work books from high school).