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Bucket Flush

Bucket Flush is a documentary that follows a slice of the life of the Philadelphia punk band Bucket Flush. Rob Shit, Black Jon, Dean and John Wood give insight into how they live their lives, and why they choose to live the way they want to.

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You can view the documentary in its entirety on YouTube, or I can provide a copy on DVD if you are interested.


Thanks to Dana Frack for providing the trailer. See the listing on the IMDb here.

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Ivan Kowalenko

I'm a video producer/director/editor with camera operating experience, and live in-studio experience. I've also worked with (motion) graphics, and have a strong familiarity with New/Old/Social media tools and how to leverage them.

  • Danalfrack

    you got a typo in the synopsis. it should say “the”

  • http://ivankowalenko.com Ivan Kowalenko

    Oops! Thanks for catching that.