Freelance Work for the Rowan Internship Outreach Team

This past semester, I worked for the Rowan Internship Outreach Team (RIOT) as a freelance video producer and assisted in the development of their website. The finished project is available here, as a page for our client, Sturtz Construction.

The goal of the project was to demonstrate to small businesses how they could promote themselves on the Internet using either free or inexpensive tools. The project centered around inexpensive, yet professional looking video production using free software and consumer hardware, and using free web tools like WordPress, Youtube and Twitter to promote and distribute information about the company.

The project was headed by Prof. Bill Wolff of Rowan University.

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Ivan Kowalenko

I'm a video producer/director/editor with camera operating experience, and live in-studio experience. I've also worked with (motion) graphics, and have a strong familiarity with New/Old/Social media tools and how to leverage them.