Up All Night Epic Movie 2

I have been selected to be one of the camera operators for Up All Night‘s “Epic Movie 2,” the second of Up All Night‘s season ending “movie” episodes.

The episode, a departure from UAN’s late-night talk-show style, is a scripted story that is shot mostly from the perspective of the host and co-host as characters behind the scenes. Also, in keeping with UAN’s season, the episode is shot entirely using handheld (specifically the Panasonic HVX200) or shoulder mounted (the Panasonic HPX500) cameras running at 720p.

As of this time, the video is unavailable. It will be displayed, embedded or linked to as soon as it is made available.

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Ivan Kowalenko

I'm a video producer/director/editor with camera operating experience, and live in-studio experience. I've also worked with (motion) graphics, and have a strong familiarity with New/Old/Social media tools and how to leverage them.