Blind Date

As part of a Film Production project, we were required to produce a short film using a limited amount of 16mm film stock, and any software we had at our disposal. Our requirements included obtaining a specific set of shots, while telling a complete story.

For this project, I was tapped as the Director of Photography, and was responsible for framing the shots, determining the appropriate level of exposure, and operating the Bolex 16mm camera. I also produced all the graphics used. Each member of our team was also required to create their own edited cut from a digital transfer of the film. For my cut I also composed my own music. What is shown here is my edited version.

Download Video:
Closed Format: “MP4”
Open Format: “OGG” / “WebM”

Streaming Elsewhere: YouTube
Note: I chose to leave the black space on either side of the frame in my edited cut, as an artistic decision.

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Ivan Kowalenko

I'm a video producer/director/editor with camera operating experience, and live in-studio experience. I've also worked with (motion) graphics, and have a strong familiarity with New/Old/Social media tools and how to leverage them.