MJ is Never Going To Give You Up

MJ Is Never Going To Give You Up.

Last night my friend MJ participated in a karaoke competition, and the song he chose was absolutely priceless. Having no more than a few minutes forewarning, I decided to do a quick multi-cam job on the performance.

I ended up having to manually synchronize four video feeds, from an Apple iSight, a Nokia N73, a Motorola W490 (in 20-30 second clips), and a Canon PowerShot. I’m not entirely satisfied with the color correction I did, but I wanted to get a version online rather quickly so my friends could enjoy it and pass it around, so without further adieu, MJ:

Download Video:
Closed Format: “MP4”
Open Format: “OGG” / “WebM”
Streaming Elsewhere: “Vimeo”

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