About Ivan

Ivan, covered in snowI am Ivan Kowalenko, a post-production specialist with experience in assistant editing, online editing, video engineering, standards compliance, media management, equipment maintenance and repair, and systems administration.

Most recently I was a Post-Production Technician for HODDER, formerly known as Met|Hodder and Metropolitan Productions. My duties initially began as an assistant editor and media manager, but eventually broadened in scope to include online editing, video engineering, including standards compliance and international standards conversion, systems maintenance, and information security. When the relocated to its Excelsior Blvd. location I was a key part of the team that handled infrastructure planning, layout, and installation. The end result was a facility that while seeming simple and straight forward to a casual observer was flexible in ways that hadn’t been possible at the old location. This allowed for a more diverse range of workflows and system configurations, including multi-participant podcast recording.

Prior to working for HODDER I was a volunteer with Town Square Television, where I primarily was involved with live sports coverage, running cameras for football, soccer, basketball, and hockey games. I also participated in studio shoots, as they had need.

I graduated from Rowan University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film production, specializing in live television production, and in documentary video production. As my senior project I was assigned the role of director for the documentary Bucket Flush, which followed a “DIY” punk band based out of an abandoned row-home in west Philadelphia and followed them on tour through several states along the East Coast.

While studying at Rowan University I also took an active role in the student-run television channel, the Rowan Television Network. As Technical Manager I was responsible for all of RTN’s equipment, including cameras, storage, workstations, and playout systems, and was involved in the procurement of new HD ENG cameras, and a Tricaster that was used for on-location live production. I also served as Web Chair and oversaw the redesign of the website and managed RTN’s first ever live streamed programming.

I’ve always had a passion for visual storytelling, and I enjoy taking on the challenges of doing things in new and better ways.